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At The Research Platform we believe in excellence in research and knowledge production from an Afro-centred vantage point. At the core of our research ethos and focus is the need to decolonise knowledge production and dissemination, and to contribute to the transformation of knowledge production systems with a view of lifting up scholarly and other non-scholarly writings from the Global South. In short, ours is to contribute to a positive and meaningful contribution by Afrikan scholars and producers of knowledge to the global market of ideas.

We offer a range of professional services to assist researchers, scholars, authors etc to produce their best.

We connect Afrikan researchers and scholars through a South-South and a South-North network.

We connect Afrikan scholars with potential academic supervisors.

We deliver world class training on research.

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Reliable, fast, quality service by leading experts in their fields.

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Interact with published researchers with diverse expertise.

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Wow that is amazing! Your Youtube videos were very helpful for my Masters research. Thank you
Mary Anne Ludlow
LLM Graduate

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